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Goodwill Communications is the sponsor of the Public Service Advertising Research Center.

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PSA Bibliography
        •   Generic
        - Articles on campaign planning, effectiveness, evaluation, production, promotion, community outreach, paid vs. psa and articles pertaining to specific types of media and specific campaign issues.
    •   Awards
        - List of Awards programs
    •   Organizations
        - Advertising, public service and related organizations
        - Articles on Public Service Advertising, Cause Marketing and Social Issues Marketing
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Media Profile
    •   Glossary of TV Terms
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              Broadcast Television Ogranizations
              Cable Television Ogranizations
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    •   Quick Facts
    •   Top 20 Newspapers
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    •   Radio Ogranizations
    •   Radio Reach
    •   How Americans Listen to Radio
Outdoor Advertising
    •   Glossary of Outdoor Terms
    •   Outdoor Ogranizations
    •   Tips for Outdoor Advertising
    •   Facts and Figures

Getting Help and Resources
Organizations that might be helpful in producing your next PSA

Myths and Frequently Asked Questions About PSAs.

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