Outdoor Rates Higher with Hispanics: OAAA Study Shows

Outdoor advertising has greater influence over Hispanic consumers than general-market consumers when it comes to making purchasing decisions, suggests a study released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

The study, conducted. by Perception Research Services for the OAAA, analyzed responses from 100 car passengers in Los Angeles using eye-tracking technology during a 30-minute car ride.

One third of the participants were Hispanic. Results indicate 76% of the Hispanics interviewed after the ride said they would probably or definitely be influenced to make a purchase based on outdoor ads compared with just 41% of non-Hispanics.

Tracking information indicates Hispanic and non-Hispanic passengers saw and read virtually an identical percentage of outdoor boards. Of the 58 boards along the road in the Los Angeles study, 10 were in Spanish.

Spanish Outdoor on Rise

Spanish language outdoor advertising is becoming common in major cities. "A decade ago, a Spanish language billboard would reach an audience and hit home, said Rick Robinson, creative director for Outdoor Systems, Los Angeles, noting that such advertising was rare. "That's not necessarily unique anymore. It's going to take more than just saying it in Spanish. You need a good idea, too."

Advertisers have been showing interest in outdoor ads to reach Hispanic consumers, according to Hector Orci, president of La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, Los Angeles. His agency's clients include Shell Oil Co., American Honda Motor Co. and Allstate Insurance.

"Over the last several years as budgets have grown and we have been able to get to the outdoor media, we have had our clients in outdoor," Mr. Orci said. The study results confirmed what Mr. Orci already knows about Hispanic consumers.

"Hispanics, not surprisingly, use advertising to obtain information so they can make intelligent decisions about the products and services that are available to them," he said.

Impacts Brand Loyalty

Diane Cimine, Executive Vice President, Marketing at OAAA, found the results of the Hispanic survey encouraging for outdoor advertisers because of the industry's ability to target demographically and promote brands. "Ethnic groups, particularly Hispanics, tend to be very brand loyal so if they really connect with a message out there it has deeper meaning to them than, it might to the general population," she said.