Outdoor Creative Library Developed

The OAAA announced a new on-line resource for outdoor creative developed in partnership with Video Monitoring Services, Inc. (VMS). The OAAA Creative Library is the first collection of outdoor advertising creative available through easy Internet access.

Search the expansive database by product category, campaign date, outdoor product format or with a key word. The site contains all the recent 2000 OBIE Award winners as well as a selection of historical outdoor executions dating back to 1996. The site currently contains 600 images and plans call for the inclusion of more than 1,500 images ultimately. When fully operational, the OAAA Creative Library will contain thousands of images dating back to the origins of the outdoor industry.

VMS offers the most comprehensive collection of advertising spots anywhere on the web. In addition to the outdoor creative resources, the VMS Advertising Library also includes one million television spots, historical radio and print advertising. [enter how to access VMS here].

OAAA members are encouraged to submit materials to the outdoor creative library now and in the future. Submissions can be in the form of slides or other quality transparencies, high-resolution digital files and quality photographs (as a last option). All submissions are to be directed to Nancy Odenthal in the OAAA’s Washington, D.C. office by emailing or calling (202) 833-5566

Members can easily access the creative library through a portal located on the home page of the OAAA website called Creative Library. Find the most comprehensive and up to the minute data regarding the U.S. outdoor advertising industry at www.oaaa.org.