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Getting Help & Resources

PSA Impact

If you're a non-profit and planning a mass communications campaign with limited resources, there are a number of organizations which may be able to help plan or launch your campaign. The first step might be to check with local universities to see if they have a marketing, PR or advertising curriculum because the school may take on your campaign as a student project. They get experience and you may end up with a very high-quality campaign.

Next, contact advertising and PR agencies in your locale since many of them take on non-profit clients on a pro-bono basis and you may only have to pay for direct expenses.

Below are some organizations that may be helpful in planning or launching your campaign and also remember to review the FAQs on our site to ensure that you know as much as possible about public interest communication.

Association for Progressive Communications
Web: www.apc.org

APC helps people get access to the internet where there is none or it is unaffordable. They help grassroots groups use the technology to develop their communities and further their rights, and we work to make sure that government policies related to information and communication serve the best interests of the general population, especially people living in developing countries.

Benton Foundation
Web: www.benton.org

Formed in 1981, the Benton Foundation works with non-profit organizations to gain an effective voice for social change and to shape the emerging communications environment. Benton helps non-profits use a range of communications tools (opinion research, video production, CD-ROM, radio, etc.) to make their case, engage their constituencies, build coalitions, and share information. Benton's involvement ranges from hands-on support for grassroots media advocacy to the strategic planning and coordination of a national policy summit.

Communications Consortium Media Center
Web: www.ccmc.org

Formed in 1988, the CCMC teaches non-profits to use media and telecommunications technology as tools for public education and public policy change. CCMC arranges collaborations between organizations with similar agendas, and develops education campaign strategies.

Goodwill Communications
Bill Goodwill
Phone: (571)237-7333    
Email: bill@goodwillcommunications.com
Web: goodwillcommunications.com
PSA Research Center on the Web: www.psaresearch.com

Goodwill Communications provides PSA distribution and evaluation assistance to non-profits and government agencies in the form of a free newsletter, Public Service Report, pamphlets on how to distribute PSAs, and the Public Service Advertising Resource Center on the Internet.

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership
Web: www.nonprofitbasics.org

The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide provides key information designed to help manage nonprofit organizationD efficiently and effectively. Its Good Practice Guide provides resources and tools for use by nonprofit professionals, and college students via articles, standards of practice, resources and glossaries.

see3 Communications
Web: www.see3.com

See3 provides strategy, video and web services to nonprofits and social causes. We help do-gooders change the world by delivering on goals like fundraising, awareness, recruitment and more. With a dedicated focus in the impact sector, we help our clients achieve their mission as effectively and efficiently as possible in our rapidly evolving communications landscape. See3 designs our process explicitly to inform, empower and support our clients throughout the project.

SPIN - Strategic Press Information Center
Web: www.spinproject.org

The Strategic Press Information Network (SPIN) Project provides comprehensive media training, intensive media strategizing, and resources to community organizations across the country. It helps grassroots groups to shape public opinion and garner positive media attention.

Video Action Fund
Web: www.vaf.org

VAF is a video production company and arts education center providing a voice for people without access to mainstream media. Video/Action collaborates with artists, educators and innovative grassroots organization to produce video programs, television documentaries and multimedia presentations. All programs produced include detailed distribution plans implemented through public education outreach campaigns.

Tips for More Effective TV and Radio PSAs

Synopsis: Article serves as a brief checklist of things to think about when producing either TV or radio PSAs.

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Developing Pro-Bono PSA Campaigns - Guidelines For Clients

Source: School of Visual Concepts and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Seattle Chapter

Synopsis: A helpful 12-step guide for non-profits to use when considering pro-bono advertising agencies to produce your PSA campaign.

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