Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC)
ABC is a forum of the world's leading magazine and newspaper publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies. The organization provides credible, verified information essential to the media buying and selling process. They maintain the world's foremost electronic database of audited-circulation information and an array of verified readership, subscriber demographics and online activity data. Some of their special reports include: "How a Newspaper Audit is Conducted"; "How to Use an ABC Consumer Magazine Publisher's Statement"; and "Understanding ABC Reports for Business Publications."

A.C. Nielsen Co.
Nielsen is the premier media research company practicing in 100 different countries around the world and measuring anything in media that matters. In business for nearly a century, they provide a complete view of what consumers watch and buy through to clarify the relationship between content and commerce. Whether our clients are in media, consumer packaged goods, telecom or advertising - paid or non-profit, their data and measurement capabilities provide market context and confidence. Of special interest to anyone in the advertising and media fields is State of the Media - Audiences & Devices and a newsletter called the Nielsen Wire both available on their website.

Business Publication Audit (BPA)
A global industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge, BPA Worldwide provides accurate, transparent and timely business media audits —audits that provide solid assurance for both media owners and media buyers. BPA audits also provide advertisers, agencies and media owners with audience insights that they can turn into competitive advantage. Headquartered in Shelton, CT, BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world, spanning more than 25 countries. Worldwide, BPA serves more than 2,500 media properties—including over 1,500 B-to-B publications, more than 350 consumer magazines and newspapers, 550+ Web sites, 40 events, email newsletters, databases, wireless and other advertiser-supported media—as well as more than 2,700 advertiser and agency members. Each medium has its own reporting format, designed to enable clear, meaningful access to all data relevant to that medium..

This company advises companies in the local media space through consulting and valuation services, research, Continuous Advisory Services and conferences. Since 1983 BIA/Kelsey has been a resource to the media, mobile advertising, telecommunications, Yellow Pages and electronic directory markets, as well as to government agencies, law firms and investment companies looking to understand trends and revenue drivers. BIA/Kelsey's annual conferences draw executives from across industries seeking expert guidance on how companies are finding innovative ways to grow. Additional information is available at and The company offers two blogs on various related topics on its website.

Verance more than five years ago as the most comprehensive and reliable business information service providing broadcast monitoring, tracking, and verification capabilities to TV and film studios, program syndicators broadcasters and performing rights organizations. They claim over 120 million detections of watermarked content have been reported since inception..

Idioma is a leading provider of media monitoring and information solutions and services offering media information firms, advertisers, broadcasters, and governments cutting-edge software solutions and services that streamline the capture, detection, indexing, analysis, storage and re-purposing of audio and video media and related information. Leveraging its mature SmartLog™ platform, which has been serving global customers since 2000, Idioma provides nationwide US broadcast monitoring services, providing timely and reliable editorial, competitive advertising, and advertising verification services..

Kantar Media
Kantar Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers, advertising agencies and media properties. Intelligence’s tracking technologies in creative occurrence, expenditure, and executions provide industry professionals with valuable insights to help grow their business..

Mediaguide uses proprietary digital fingerprinting and watermarking technology to monitor and measure music and advertisement airplay on more than 2500 commercial, non-commercial and college radio stations in over 150 US markets, real time, 24/7. The firm provides information to performing rights organizations, record labels, broadcasters, market researchers and advertisers through real-time connection to digital outlets & mobile device applications..

Spot Quotations & Data (SQAD®)
SQUAD is recognized as the industry standard media cost forecasting source for national TV (NetCosts™—network TV, cable and syndication), Spot TV, Hispanic Spot TV Plus, Spot Radio and the Internet (WebCosts®). SQAD provides reliable media cost data to advertising agencies, media buying companies, advertisers, television and radio stations, cable companies, program syndicators and Internet publishers. With nearly $12 billion* of spot media buys for TV, Radio and Hispanic Spot TV, SQAD creates forecasting algorithms, which allow users to budget and plan up to four quarters into the future. Useing its experience in Spot media SQUAD expanded to the national media marketplace via its NetCosts methodology which tracks actual transactions from advertisers representing almost half the national TV marketplace providing network and daypart. Real cost information is available providing accurate market level CPMs and CPPs by program category and time period. .
SQAD’s newest service, WebCosts provides display CPMs for a growing list of specific websites and networks, providing Average, Low and High CPMs for nearly 200 websites and networks. Subsets of this total list will provide CPMs for various sized ads (medium rectangles, leaderboards, skyscrapers) as well as time frames for media buys (quarter, month and week).

Standard Rates & Data Service (SRDS)
SRDS publishes a print and online service providing complete planning information for nearly all media vehicles. Listings contain standardized ad rates, dates, contact information, and links to web sites that provide additional facts..

Billing itself ais "the only global broadcast monitoring and verification service," Civolution's Teletrax service enables clients such as entertainment studios, news, sport and government organizations, TV syndicators, direct response and advertisers to determine precisely when, where and how their video content is being used around the world. They monitor over 1,500 television channels in 50 countries are constantly being monitored, including all 210 U.S. DMAs. Their broadcast monitoring service uses "cutting-edge" watermarking technology, from Civolution..

Billing itself as "the only completely data and media neutral, advertising software provider," Telmar offers the latest tools and graphics in data management and applies them to media planning. Telmar has been at the forefront of creating media software for over 40 years and serve over 10,000 users in 85 countries, working with many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, publishers, broadcasters and advertisers..

Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS)
Another firm that indicates they are "the world's largest custom market research company..." is TNS, a member of The Kantar Group and the information and consultancy division of WPP, the world's largest communications services groups, employing 141,000 people working in over 2,400 offices in 107 countries. They also own Competitive Media Reporting, previously known as Broadcast Verification Service (BVS) which provides watermark tracking of TV commercials and PSAs..

The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement (TAB)
TAB provides out of home media measurement throughout the U.S. A non-profit organization whose members include advertisers, agencies and out of home media companies developed EYES ON ratings, the first media ratings system to measure audiences who actually see advertising. .

Video Monitoring Service (VMS)
VMS provides corporate executives and marketing, public relations and advertising professionals with media monitoring, competitive advertising monitoring and Integrated Media Intelligence solutions. They provide coverage across all 210 U.S. broadcast markets…plus national, local and cable news and radio newscasts…plus tens of thousands of Internet blogs…plus social media, web video, internet and internet print media with the ability to see segments online within minutes of air. They also offer VMS InSight,™ the industry’s first all-in-one performance management dashboard that provides an integrated, 360° view of advertising, PR, and social media performance..

Updated 1/22/11